Initial Levy Poll Advisory Committee Members

Initial Levy Poll Advisory Committee Members

John Lawrenson (Independent Chair)

John is a former director of Bonlac Foods and Bonlac Supply Company and previously Managing Director of the Australian Wheat Board. John was also Chair of the Dairy Levy Poll Process Review.  

David Basham (ADF representative)

David is the President of the South Australian Dairy-farmers’ Association (SADA). He is partner operator of a 550 cow dairy operation and operator of a second grazing property. He has been involved directly with both of the previous dairy levy polls as a member of the industry’s levy poll Advisory Committee and as a farmer advocate for the position agreed by industry at levy payer forums. David has also been involved in advocacy roles within the dairy industry for over ten years. 

Dr Dedee Woodside (ADF representative)

Dr Dedee Woodside was appointed to the ADF Board as Independent Director in November 2015.

Dedee has held a number of leadership roles in natural resource management, rural community engagement and international development. She has held senior posts in government, non-government and private industry and has been at the leading edge of change in how government and industries work with communities to share critical knowledge about natural resources and work collectively to bring about changes on the ground for the benefit of all stakeholders including the environment.

Her work has included Australian agricultural commodities such as rice, cotton, sugar, horticulture, and other sectors such as fisheries, one-health programs in Indigenous communities, tourism and energy. Dedee is an applied ecologist who developed many practical skills by living in remotes areas and working on challenging programs in more than 32 developing communities in Africa, South Pacific, South east Asia, and Latin America and in a range of rural and remote communities in Australia.

On a personal level, Dedee views herself as as an innovative thinker, an enabler and a value-driven change expert with a deep knowledge of natural systems and community engagement. Her family has a large bush property in the Barrington Tops Region of New South Wales which they now manage for its natural values and contribution to the Gondwana World Heritage Area.

Jeff Odgers (DA representative)

Jeff Odgers is an agribusiness leader with an in-depth understanding of the Australian dairy industry. Mr Odgers is a director of Bega Cheese Limited and Dairy Australia Limited. He and his wife have owned and operated farm enterprises in both Tasmania and northern Victoria and currently own two dairy properties near Shepparton, milking 570 cows. He has a strong understanding of pre-farmgate research and extension, with a particular interest in farm productivity, systems and business management.

Mr Odgers has Bachelor of Business (Agricultural Management) and an Associate Diploma in Farm Management. He is the former Chairman of Murray Dairy Inc (2008-12) and served as a director of the Murray Dairy Inc. Regional Development Program (2006-12). He is also a former director of Tatura Milk Industries (2009-11).

Mr Ross Joblin (DA representative)

Ross is Dairy Australia’s Company Secretary and Group Manager Business Operations.

A representative of the Australian Government Department of Agriculture will participate in the Panel’s proceedings as an observer.   

Robert Poole (ADPF representative)

Robert is the President of the Australian Dairy Products Federation.  He is the Executive General Manager, Supplier Relations at Murray Goulburn Co-Operative Limited, where he oversees Milk Supply, Commercial Raw Milk Sales and Purchase, MG Trading and Industry and Supplier Services.

Before joining MG, Robert held a number of leading roles including Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Dairy Farmers’ Federation, General Manager of the Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme and Regional Manager with Rural Finance Corporation.