Dairy Levy Poll Petition - QandA

What is the petition about?

There is an opportunity for Group A members, who disagree with the Levy Poll Advisory Committee decision, to sign a petition in support of having a resolution put before all Dairy Australia’s Group A members to request a levy poll.   

What are the petition requirements?

  • The petition must be lodged with Dairy Australia within 75 days after Dairy Australia writes to dairy levy payers, notifying them of the Levy Poll Advisory Committee decision.  At this stage, we anticipate the 75 days to expire around 24 April, 2017.
  • The petition needs to include a proposal about what the level of the levy should be.
  • The petition will need to be supported by a sufficient number of Group A members of Dairy Australia, whose levy payments combined constitute 15 per cent of levies paid in the previous financial year.
  • The signatories to the petition (constituting 15 per cent of levies paid), will need to be verified by Computershare, an independent member services organization, within the 75 day period.
  • Dairy farmers (Group A members) who are filling out a petition will need to supply details of their Dairy Enterprise Number (DEN), herd production volumes / data, name of contact, phone number and email details.  The requirement for provision of herd production volumes is to assist in ensuring that the 15% threshold has been met (which will need to be verified by Computershare).

The proposal that there be a levy poll will then be put to Dairy Australia’s Group A members to vote upon at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

How do I know if I am a Group A member?

To determine your membership status please email smadden@dairyaustralia.com.au or call 1800 004 377

If you are not a Group A member, please call 1800 004 377 to organize membership. The process is easy, all that’s required is the completion of a form located here on the DA web site or by going directly to the form here.

Where can the organizer of a petition obtain information about Group A members?

If a Group A member wishes to verify that signatories to a petition are Group A members, they can request a copy of the Members Register from Dairy Australia by contacting Emma Braun ebraun@dairyaustralia.com.au or 03 9694 3719.  

This will involve the completion of an application form (See above - How do I know if I am a Group A member?), which includes agreeing to the terms and conditions on which the information is supplies (in compliance with the Corporations Act).

How can the 15% of levies be validated?

You will need to send the list of signatories to the petition to Emma Braun at Dairy Australia. This list will be sent to Computershare, an independent member services organization. Computershare will verify that all the signatories are Group A members and confirm that the combined levies amount to 15%.

Dairy Australia and the primary contact for the petition will then be notified that either:

A.    The petition meets all requirements, or

B.    The petition does not satisfy all the requirements, for example - the combined levies paid, fall short of the 15% requirement.

The Computershare verification process takes three business days.  You will need to allow 3 business days for Computershare to undertake this work as part of the 75 day period.

What happens if the petition is confirmed as valid?

A General Meeting of Dairy Australia will be held as soon as possible. If at least 50% of Group A members vote in favor of a resolution supporting a levy poll, at the General Meeting, the Committee will reconvene to consider the options to be included on the ballot for the levy poll, which must then be held.

The ballot paper must include the option stated on the original petition.

At what point will Dairy Australia advise levy payers about any petitions that have been lodged?

Dairy Australia must wait until the end of the 75 day period ensuring all Group A members have the opportunity to lodge a submission. 

At the expiration of the 75 day period, Dairy Australia will make an announcement in relation to any petitions and next steps.

Who can I speak to for help with the petition?

For assistance please contact:

Stuart Madden – Email: smadden@dairyaustralia.com.au  / Ph. 03 9694 3896 or
Emma Braun – Email: ebraun@dairyaustralia.com.au / Ph. 03 9694 3719